Saturday, 13 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (18)

Higgs boson infinity (18) is about water, water and water; water is everywhere on planet earth except in some small few places, this image will be real and humanity have to prepare for it. In today’s post I am interested to talk about 

how water molecule leads to floods? And also what are they the causes leading to water extension to the five continents? I think its obligatory to come up with five key points concerning the water molecule and to make a preparatory convincing answers to these questions.

The first key point of the causes leading to floods is the increase of the water quantity on planet earth; water quantity is increasing on planet earth because of many causes; these causes are: water extraction from many chemical reactions, bigger size of the water molecule because of bigger time particles, water separation from solids because of the increase in the sun’s heat, the increase in hydrogen atom coming from planet earth outer atmosphere, and ice melting.

The second key point of the causes leading to floods is sea level rising, rivers level rising and lakes level rising; these risings have many causes which are as follow: ice melting, heavy rains, water less density, quarks assumption and the widening in the earth’s orbit.

The third key point of the causes leading to floods is volcanoes build up under oceans and seas; this build up of volcanoes makes the seawater invading continents and causing serious damages to many infrastructures. The world is already seeing many new islands build up under the sea.

The fourth key point of the causes leading to water extension to continents is the connection of many particles to Higgs boson magnetism; the power of Higgs boson magnetism makes seawater rising to submerge many low lands.

The last key point of the causes leading to floods is the trees’ power manipulation of clouds direction; trees are growing faster and getting bigger and this makes them having the power to control the direction of clouds; that means more and constant heavy rains and simply these last cause floodings.

Just a last word to remember, the construction of floodings is not only destructive but also beneficial to boats to travel further in land.  

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