Saturday, 23 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (2)

Higgs boson infinity is a subject full of endless; if not our knowledge  about our world is so limited. Higgs boson infinity is an open field from both sides; a field which contains all sciences, and doing researches in these sciences has no limit. many people asked me why all these titles about Higgs boson?

Simply the answer here is straightforward, because Higgs boson is the father of all particles. In today’s post the talk about Higgs boson as the first particle created by god has two meanings ; the first meaning is solid and this solidity is explained through particle physics, and the second meaning is liquid and this liquidity is explained through hydrophysics. I think to come up with a good idea in today’s post is to look deep at the superconductivity and the superliquidity.

My imagination of the superconductivity starts at planet earth and ends at the bottom of the first universe; otherwise string theory couldn’t be present. Another element which is more important than anything else is that quarks building is based on three different quarks that means that the existence of positivity, negativity and neutrality in our universe is a must, also superconductivity is necessary to the building of everything.

Including superliquidity to my imagination should be homogeneous, because all universes are floating inside a superliquidity; this last is made of glue balls, majorana fermions and other subatomic particles, and it could be checked and verified inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)  where my experiment on Higgs boson is taking place; if not why I am begging laboratories to do so.

Superconductivity and superliquidity are two meanings with the same purpose; their purpose is to transport Higgs boson acoustic waves, it’s magnetism and it’s sinusoidal waves; all these three specifics couldn’t exist without superconductivity and superliquidity, and what is noticeable here is that Higgs boson is the generator, occulator and the oscillator in between it’s specifics, superconductivity and superliquidity; if not how everything is put in dynamics.

My last idea about Higgs boson infinity is about quarks reproduction ; quarks should be reproduced in order to assure continuity in superconductivity and superliquidity but their reproduction is still a mystery to my imagination.       
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