Monday, 25 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (3)

Higgs boson infinity (3) is a complementary subject to earlier posts of Higgs boson infinities titles. I am looking to bring new ideas about Higgs boson relation to the rest of particles; as we already know that this relation is built on positivity, negativity and neutrality otherwise there will be no sense to dynamics. What is essential to know and to understand is that our universe’s dynamics and their relation to Higgs boson mechanisms, I think that this relation has two meanings; the first meaning to this relation is based on pulling and it represents negativity in it’s mathematical sense, and the second meaning to this relation is based on pushing and it represents positivity, and the magical point in this relation is that neutrality is when there is no interaction between Higgs boson and the rest of particles.

Neutrality is one of the most complex phenomenon to manage and to control because neutrality has to exist to separate between the positivity and the negativity. Neutrality should be concerned as the upper moral which controls the mind and the body. A good example to tell you to understand neutrality is to look at the sky and observing the sun’s rays penetrating clouds; the magic here is that there is no interaction between both of them.

Superconductivity and neutrality are already making our world a completely different world and this is happening due to quarks assumption and quarks submission. I think that by looking at a golden ratio spaces we notice that these spaces are created between it’s central lines, and these spaces are neutrality fields and superconductivity borders, and these borders are made of concentration of carbon atoms.

Nano-tubes have a proper sense to superconductivity and to neutrality because of their transport to all communications and their insulation to the outside world ; most of them are made of carbon atoms and their capacity of transporting huge amounts of products make them under this title of infinity.

To conclude this post human beings should wake up and look at the clouds, their speed, their forms and their time of presence; these scenes of clouds have a good sense to Higgs boson infinity.
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