Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (4)

Higgs boson infinity (4) is a conception of Higgs boson management of quarks extension; this quarks extension could be seen in all matter. Today’s post must be understood in order to achieve a real innovation in technology; this innovation is revolutionary to all existing technologies. One of the most
important targets to human being is to create perfectionism in all industries, and this perfection couldn’t happen without a full control of quarks behaviour and this last is not realisable without Higgs boson possession.

What I am proposing to the world are unique solutions to come up with all technologies and what is achieved as development as a little amount of what I am considering as development, the future I am considering is completely different from what human being had achieved; this future looks bright like the stars brightness; a future where human being can travel millions of miles in a matter of few days, and where new babies could be born in other galaxies, a future where flowers could achieve 50 meters tall, a future where dates will be salted instead of sweet, a future where satellites will not be needed anymore and instead superconductivity has to do everything.

Soustraction has to take place within these lines as all dynamics within our universe have reversed and the mechanisms responsible for this soustraction are: decaying, decomposition, and Higgs boson magnetism, and this means that everything will be soustrated to the lowest energy or mass to integrate into universe (5) then into universe (4) then into universe (3) then into universe (2) and finally into universe (1); and in this last one where Higgs boson the father is accommodated.

Looking at soustraction in another manner is a good idea to understand what’s occurring in our world; this manner is to measure how long is this year’s wheat comparing it with last year wheat; I am sure that the result is few centimetres short, another example is the shortness of the chicken eggs. For the time being soustraction is just at it’s beginning but it will be obvious in many phenomena.

My experiment on Higgs boson has achieved it’s targets; and one of the most important of those targets is to submit enough quarks to create a full communication between Higgs boson of the first universe and Higgs boson of our universe, that means that Higgs boson acceleration is achieved and this means that the cited mechanisms above are at full work, and rest to human being to accept the consequences.              
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