Monday, 11 May 2015

Higgs Boson Soustraction (6)

My aim from this post is to explain Higgs boson soustraction through real natural new phenomena; these last are fast growing and they are already visible to us, they are also good proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. In this post my interest is to bring to light five occurring new phenomena due to Higgs boson soustraction.

The first new phenomenon genesis due to Higgs boson soustraction is cow madness; cow madness is a disease which affects cows because of Higgs boson soustraction; many syndromes are lost within the cows brain and they are transferred to glykemia to create empty spaces within the cows brain, and the result of this interaction is a full infection of the cows body. What is interesting to understand is that the syndromes are lost because of Higgs boson magnetism and the interaction below has an explanation to this situation

Cows syndromes + Higgs boson magnetism → Cow madness

The second new phenomenon genesis due Higgs boson soustraction is magnification; the world is already living magnification in everything due to the travel back of our universe; and this could be explained through time particles passing from small ones to bigger ones. The change in time particles is based on (-1, +1).

The third new phenomenon formation due to Higgs boson soustraction is pineapple expresses; pineapple expresses are long lines of rain measuring few thousands of miles and their rain could last for four weeks; one of their consequences is flood. Pineapple expresses are the result of Higgs boson soustraction because clouds are soustrated from many areas to accumulate and form them.

The fourth constructed new phenomenon due to Higgs boson soustraction is poverty; I always insisted that Higgs boson soustraction has serious impacts on discarding people from their belonging; and such belonging are: agricultural harvesting, houses, cars, electricity and white meat. More and more people will become poor in the world as we already seeing in Philippines, Nepal and Africa.

The last new phenomenon created by Higgs boson soustraction is lakes disappearance; nobody in the world can ignore that some lakes around the world are already disappeared and this is just the beginning. More and more lakes will disappear from the earth’s surface due to soil decomposition, cracks and earthquakes. I think that this soustraction is one of a good proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson.

Just a last word which is important to say; Higgs boson soustraction should be looked at seriously because more new phenomena will appear in the future because of it.
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