Sunday, 3 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-2)

Higgs boson syndication (18-2) is a syndication about desertification in the world; there are so many places in the world which will assist desertification; this will happen due to many new conditions in the global weather system. In
today’s post I would like to explain five conditions around the world leading to desertification.

The first condition allowing desertification on earth is the sun’s heat; because of many causes the sun’s heat is already dominating many areas on earth that makes grasses, trees and many living organisms death imminent, also existing waters in these areas evaporate; all these causes make desertification created.

The second condition which is making desertification building is the moon’s light; the moon’s light has a great influence on all living organisms by preventing them from breathing properly; that makes the areas concerned of desertification dropped further into it.

The third condition allowing desertification covering further areas on planet earth is the widening in the earth’s orbit; as we already know the earth’s orbit is widening that makes the earth closer to the sun to absorb more heat; this condition makes many areas activated under desertification.

The fourth condition which makes desertification growth accelerated is the disappearance of the underground waters from the areas touched by desertification; simply the sources feeding the underground waters napes got cut due to the diminution of rain. I imagine that many living organisms death is the result of this condition.

The last condition of desertification genesis is soil decomposition; soil has an important role in the earth surface; imagine huge areas on earth will have yellow colour instead of green because when soil change it’s composition all the rest of organisms fed from it effectively die.

Just to remind you that desertification is activated and it should be taken seriously, and in any way it is too late to fix the damage caused by desertification and more worse is coming.

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