Monday, 4 May 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (18-3)

Higgs boson syndication (18-3) is about volcanoes’ ash causes of damages to earth and it’s atmosphere; the new era of life seems to have the number of volcanoes multiplied by (10) than the known  number of volcanoes before 2012, and the increase in the activated volcanoes number means an increase in volcanoes’ ash to it’s maximum. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five of volcanoes’ ash causes of damages and their effects on life on earth and it’s atmosphere.

The first effect of volcanoes’ ash on life is water contamination; the volcanoes’ ash travel thousands of miles to come on the surface of waters, this situation's effects will be visible when animals and living organisms in waters start to die, and potable waters start to be non potable.

The second effect of volcanoes’ ash on life is trees' death; it is obvious that trees can’t breath because of the volcanoes’ ash blocking their cells' walls  and preventing them from breathing properly; the result of this scene is dead trees.

The third effect of volcanoes’ ash on life is planes prevention from flying; this case shouldn’t be underestimated because the earth’s atmosphere will be occupied by up to (80) per cent of it’s space by volcanoes’ ash, the situation here is not exaggerated but through the growing activated volcanoes number of which earth will assist; a serious number of planes' flights will be cancelled most of the time of the year.

The fourth effect of volcanoes’ ash on life is animals death; affected areas by volcanoes’ ash provokes poisonous grasses that makes herbivores death evident, this statement is true and real and it is seen in many places in the world.

The last effect of volcanoes’ ash on life is the excess in chemicals' reactions in the earth's atmosphere; one of the interesting chemical reaction is shown below :

Sulphur + Water Molecule → Red Rain

I am sure that the world has assisted a new phenomenon which is red rain; this red rain has serious effects on all living organisms.

To conclude this post short words should be said; I hope that humanity has received my message, the red rain is just the beginning and many other phenomena will fellow.

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