Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (7)

In today’s post a talk about Higgs boson insurrection (7) has a powerful meaning to Higgs boson possession to all existing particles in our universe; this possession is managed and controlled through Higgs boson magnetism
and it’s mechanism; and what is understandable here is that all particles in our universe become under a state of motion where everything fall in obligatory conditions. The obligatory conditions are Higgs boson insurrection which I am willing to bring to light in the lines below.

As seen in Bose Einstein Condensate system experiment phases, all atoms and molecules become in a state of motion where decaying is the first obligatory condition put in process; this means that the whole system take a new form of atoms, molecules and particles, and this is what I explained in many occasions; a transitional phase of our universe from present to past.

It is not surprising that Higgs boson acceleration will make all particles’ speed to it’s maximum in order to achieve their state of motion, and because planet earth is part of the whole system it will obey to Higgs boson acceleration that’s what's making it decaying to it’s lowest energy form, this is a serious obligatory condition which makes our world disappearing and becoming subatomic particles to integrate into universe five.

There is no doubt that an obligatory condition has to prove it’s elements ; this obligatory condition is a sum of substantial integrals; some of them are already explained in earlier posts. My interest here is to bring Heliums dominance inside our universe as an obligatory condition; Heliums will generate to fill the earth’s atmosphere to make it wider up to ten times; this condition will make planet earth lighter and allows it’s orbit to become wider and wider, and the consequence of this situation is a heated earth up to (80) degrees Celsius.

The last obligatory condition which shouldn’t be underestimated is one of Higgs boson insurrection which  is gamma rays regeneration; as we already know that gamma rays are produced inside Higgs boson madisons but their effects are once they are outside them; gamma rays can make a potential damage to many molecules and such molecules are: blood cells, trees cells, holes inside the Ozone and their interaction with photons creates dangerous electrical fields.

A short conclusion should be added to this post; Higgs boson insurrections are so many to count and I am sure that I will bring more of them in the future, and much of them will be brought to reality and noticed by yourself.

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