Sunday, 26 April 2015

Higgs Boson Lions

Higgs boson lions are forms of clouds constituted during quarks assumption, they are symbols of Higgs boson triumph and it’s recognition of discovery. In todays post a talk about my imagination of clouds' forms became true and whats noticeable is the clouds movement and their constitution to Higgs boson lions. I think that by bringing five causes which are making Higgs boson lions possible to generate is our subject today.

The first cause of Higgs boson lions formation is quarks assumption; in many occasions we have seen that quarks assumption is the cause of low pressure formation that makes Higgs boson lions to appear painted by clouds. The picture below has a good meaning to this statement.

The second cause of Higgs boson lions formation is Higgs boson magnetism; the clouds speed and direction are manipulated by Higgs boson magnetism, and the process of clouds formation in the new era of life allows Higgs boson lions to form under Higgs boson magnetism.

The third cause of Higgs boson lions to appear is heavy rains ; the process of heavy rains is new to the world and it can make Higgs boson lions generated through the absorption of clouds by transferring them into rains. The picture below is showing Higgs boson lions formation after the transformation of clouds into heavy rains.

The fourth cause of Higgs boson lions constitution is volcanoes’ ash; whats interesting in this situation is the volcanoes' ash condensation in the atmosphere; this condensation makes Higgs boson lions better painted and formed. The picture below is showing one of Higgs boson lions formed due volcanoes’ ash.

The last of Higgs boson lions generation is lightning; lightning has an important role to decompose clouds; this situation is unbelievable but is true because the disappearance of the positive charges from earth makes clouds substituted to lower energy to form Higgs boson lions.

To close this post a last word has to be said; my intention of bringing the information above is to make your attention attracted by Higgs boson lions to whats going on planet earth.
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