Monday, 13 April 2015

Higgs Boson Sanitation

Higgs Boson sanitation is an organized process to complete a relief to all organisms affecting the inside of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs); this process is manipulated and organized by Higgs boson for effective synchronization, because the sound waves could't be feasible without the Higgs boson sanitation. In this post Higgs boson sanitation could be explained by five projections.

The first projection of the Higgs boson sanitation is the diversity of DNA reversing; this diversity of DNA inversion is the Higgs boson key stone sanitation and this could be interpreted by the extermination of all the detrimental organisms. My intention here is to tell to the world that there are no concerns about serious epidemics in the new era of life.

The second projection of Higgs boson sanitation inside  Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is the oxygen atom demolishion; in doing so, there is no chance of damaging organisms to survive; this process is similar practice of planet earth and it's atmosphere, we have already seen in many occasions that oxygen is under threat of extinction.

The third of Higgs boson sanitation projection inside the Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is genes demolishion; genes are seriously destroyed by the acceleration of the Higgs boson to atoms and molecules; genes can not support the high speed run on them; so they eventually disintegrate into very small particles. Also a state of motion is a mandatory requirement that removes genes.

The fourth of Higgs boson projection sanitation inside the Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is soustraction; all types of organisms are soustrated and impairing their lower energy making them disappear to turn into subatomic particles and the consolidation process within the Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is reached.

The latest projection of the Higgs boson sanitation inside the Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is the total destruction of all types of records damaging; this destruction is done through the creation of an insulator, not only that, but Higgs bosons acoustic waves all have the ability to absorb and transfer of records interfering in sinusoidal acoustic waves.

My conclusion to this post is to remind you about the Higgs boson sanitation cost on planet Earth; the cost is too expensive to humanity as genes, DNA and many organisms will be reversed and demolished; this means that a huge biological revolution is under it's way.

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