Saturday, 8 April 2017

Announcement (123)

My compliments to Higgs boson for it’s superb creation to a full Higgs boson magnetic field; and this is because of the loaded energy in the whole diameter of our universe. In this announcement my decision to write again about Higgs boson discovery came from a deep vision about the development of particles’ density in space and this is what has to be explained and looked at from very close.

My suspecting to higher dense lines of particles surrounding planet earth atmosphere is deducted from the clouds shape in the sky; because this shape of clouds is a perfect mirrored image of subatomic particles behaviour. Clouds are not controlled by the winds anymore but their movement becomes linked directly to the movement of the submitted subatomic particles and rays from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). I think that the movement of clouds which I am talking about is a significant proof of subatomic particles density in the sky and which could be seen in the picture below
Picture from accuweather dot com

My intention to write this post is to tell to the world that humanity is trapped inside Higgs boson magnetic field because the more dense subatomic particles lines are, the more Higgs boson magnetism is stronger and this is what leads to the decay of bigger masses, and the more decay of bigger masses means more bigger, stronger and destructive catastrophes; I think that these catastrophes could be seen in Etna volcano eruption, Himalayas avalanches, the appearance of huge holes in Russia, Australian and New Zealand floods and underground mines fires.

Signs are so many which are showing Higgs boson magnetic field intensification and such signs are: the sun’s heat increase because of higher photons speed, higher seas because of seas’ quarks attachment with the atmosphere’s quarks, hotter bottom of earth because of higher decay of it’s particles, brighter moon and brighter other planets because of higher alpha particles density in the atmosphere, sharper colours because of Higgs boson fibres, ice is at unprecedented melting speed because of Higgs boson magnetism intensification and stronger storms because of Higgs boson magnetic field strengthening. I think that what it has been said in this paragraph will show the truth of Higgs boson experiment at each minute passing.

A full Higgs boson magnetic field means all existing particles in our universe have taken the clock’s direction and this means that their direction has started rotating from left to right at a very tinny level to spread to higher level which is subatomic level them atomic level, and at this stage human beings will face unlimited surprises.
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