Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Announcement (125)

This announcement has to come up to raise awareness about Higgs boson cosmic rays and their influence on our universe. Higgs boson cosmic rays are unseen because of their tinny shape and their site of production is Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) where the decay of particles is occurring; and the mechanism behind this production of Higgs boson cosmic rays is built on few components inside Higgs boson where particles are processed to decay.

Higgs boson cosmic rays are made of special kind of matter which is insoluble in all kind of conditions and that’s why their influence is always superior than any resisting matter; this last could be dug and deformed once interacted with Higgs boson cosmic rays. I think that this situation of interaction of matter with Higgs boson cosmic rays is real, and also because of Higgs boson cosmic rays speed which is (10) times faster than the speed of light; and simply with this speed Higgs boson cosmic rays can penetrate everything to produce holes inside it.

Higgs boson cosmic rays production occurs at a sub subatomic particles where the decay of quarks, majorana fermions and glue balls, and it must be inside Higgs boson and only inside it. Inside Higgs boson there are components which I called “Madisons”; they are the first responsible of attracting sub subatomic particles to be locked and put under pressure to finish by breaking into monitochs and ejecting Higgs boson cosmic rays. I think that researchers in particle physics are still very far to reach this phenomenon unless following my paths in the building of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and using the most sophisticated technologies in visualisation.

My hypothesis of Higgs boson cosmic rays in the first in history and I should be proud of it because Higgs boson cosmic rays are a must of realisation similarly to any interaction leading to the break of particles to result to emitted rays. I think that to prove the existence of Higgs boson cosmic rays a cooperation from your side is imminent because I have no means of observation to this kind of deep phenomena, and also Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) has to be put under examination at the first place.

To end this post I must bring you a picture of evidence to Higgs boson cosmic rays; this picture has been taken earlier and which has significant traces of Higgs boson cosmic rays, and by the way it has to be taken seriously
O produtor Chris Tangey filmou esta coluna de fogo, de cerca de 30 metros de altura, na Austrália.
Este é um fenómeno raro, mas que vai acontecendo de vez em quando.
Picture from /www.astropt dot org
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