Thursday, 28 January 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (05)

My understanding to monitochs’ mechanism pushed me to share this post with you; its about the mechanical engine which makes soustraction at work; this soustraction is occurring at the lowest level of energy which is sub sub-atomic particles. What is also interesting to know is that monitochs’ mechanism could be represented by soustraction formula which is (-1, +1). I think that by bringing to your knowledge five examples of monitochs’ mechanism our subject will be fully understood.

The first example of monitochs’ mechanism could be seen inside sea water; sea water is changing it’s color from blue or green to silver and this is due to monitochs’ mechanism which makes alpha particles more dominant in sea water; the occurring soustraction here is (-1) sub-atomic particle in sea water, and (+1) monitochs then (-1) monitochs then (+1) alpha particle.

The second example of monitochs’ mechanism could be seen in the size of depressions on planet earth; as we already know that depressions are becoming very wide up to the size of the whole Atlantic ocean and this is due to the high rotational concentration in the upper atmosphere; this rotation of monitochs makes all the rest of particles rotating to create bigger and bigger depressions.

The third example of monitochs’ mechanism is hidden inside the Egyptian Pyramids where monitochs get access to interact with the existing graffiti to steal their energy and changing them into a new one. The soustraction here is presented in the (-1) of ink of the graffiti and (+1) of a new form of energy.

The fourth example of monitochs’ mechanism could be seen inside the Jars where Higgs boson experiment is occurring; there are so many pictures in this link: showing condensate glue balls in which I believe that they are the production of monitochs’ mechanism.

The last example of monitochs’ mechanism could be seen in Babylon Gardens; these Gardens started to show off their green land and this is due to monitochs interaction with the abundant energy in their soil, and this energy is turned on to give birth to plants, grasses and flowers.

Finally, let me making an alarming call to humanity. As long as my discoveries are ignored our universe will be under influence of monitochs’ mechanism faster and faster, and this will lead to seeing unknown circumstances.
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