Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (02)

This post comes to show further explanation to monitochs’ role in the sub-sub atomic world and this is because matter and anti-matter could never be understood without the understanding of monithos’ role in particle physics. 

I think that through the presentation of five points explaining monitochs’ role in subatomic particles our subject’s target of understanding will be achieved.

The first role of monitochs in sub-sub atomic particles is to create nodes; I believe that inside the theory of everything nodes are the keys to link all matter and anti-matter together; if not everything cannot stand.

The second role of monitochs in sub-sub atomic particles is to build sub atomic particles; I do believe that monitochs are not the only material to build sub atomic particles but there are also many other sub-sub atomic particles which are participating in this building. It is so obvious that quarks, majorana fermions and glue balls are made of sub-sub atomic particles and in this case monitochs are the right material to construct them.

The third role of monitochs in sub-sub atomic particles is to transmit heat from an area to another; this role could be seen on planet earth by looking at the travel of heat waves from the Tropical Line to the North Pole. I think that this travel of heat waves is a new phenomenon resulted from the birth of monitochs inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and this is due to Higgs boson decaying to the subatomic particles into sub-sub atomic particles.

The fourth role of monitochs in sub-sub atomic particles is to manipulate the composition of our universe, this manipulation has already many seen results on planet earth; and such results are: the increase of the sun’s heat due to the increase of the photons condensation, seas and oceans warming due to the monitochs interaction inside them, and the high increase of the water molecule due to the high increase of sub atomic particles then electrons, protons and neutrons, and then the huge increase of hydrogen.

The last role of monitochs in sub-sub atomic particles is to deteriorate all existing matter; I mean by that the deterioration of our entire universe; because monitochs are energy acquirers so they are capable of diminishing any mass into it’s lower energy, and this what makes our universe incorporation into the fifth universe faster.

I think that my conclusion to this post should be short and clear; as monitochs subject is at it’s beginning further writings are imminent. My hope is to get your response to associate efforts to bring my discoveries to the next level.  
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