Friday, 15 July 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (136)

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are causing monthly floods around the world and this is because of their power of pulling to the water molecule in the atmosphere, and I think that these floods are just the beginning of the third stage of the new era of life; this era is known as the era of water, and by the way I have a question to meteorologist to answer and which is; why these floods are occurring around the world?

Here it is my answer to the question above; floods are caused by many facts but the main fact is Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; these last are becoming self feeders because Higgs boson magnetism has achieved it’s higher point of speed and this means it doesn't need any further submitted quarks. Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ power is at constant increase and this means further water molecule in the atmosphere and further. Further existence of water in the atmosphere means higher quantity of condensation of clouds in the sky and this means higher heavy rain and more floods.

It is also known that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are accumulators and this means that their accumulation to the water molecule in the atmosphere is at constant increase, and the water vaporization is at constant increase with the water extraction as well, and this is what makes floods at constant increase in quantity and number.

My imagination of the increase of floods in quantity is very impressive because what we are seeing now as floods in millimeters is just 5% of the graphical function of the heavy rain and this means that the total of precipitation in Tokyo of this year will increase by 95% within the next few years.

Don’t be surprised by the number of the total of precipitation but be surprised by the what is causing them; never mind these causes are: heat increase on planet earth, high humidity, high level of vaporization, increase of water extraction, high temperature of planet earth, light atmosphere of planet earth, high level of clouds condensation, the increase of inflation and planet earth orbit widening.
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