Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (142)

The connection between humidity and clouds has become very interesting to form these last ones, and my interest in the formation of clouds has good reasons to write this post because Higgs boson magnetism is doing a great job to make planet earth having a larger cover of clouds; this cover of clouds will achieve 100% of surrounding to planet earth and this means a total prevention of this last from sun light.

There is no doubt that humidity has increased by 100% around the world and this is because of many causes as we already know; the main cause of this increase in humidity is Higgs boson magnetic particles waves pulling to the water molecule from land. It is also known that the quantity of clouds has increased by up to 100%, otherwise there will be no such impressive floods around the world. What I wanted to say from the two statements above is that humidity has become an important player in feeding clouds to become hugely thick.

The air becomes muggy and sticky because of the higher level of water inside it and this higher level of water inside the air is made by the higher level of heat; but what we should understand is that both humidity and heat are in constant increase because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves pulling to particles into the atmosphere; and their higher level results to higher clouds condensation.

Humidity is a good source to clouds to condensate and because its supported by Higgs boson magnetic particles waves it’s level has already achieved the obligation of deep analysis and studies otherwise environmentalists and ecologists are becoming more ignorant about whats happening on planet earth. I think that the image of humidity, clouds and their connection is an indisputable proof to Higgs boson experiment and it’s results.

My conclusion to this post should be short; and I have to remind you that I am Higgs boson discoverer and my experiment on it has achieved it’s targets.  
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