Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Higgs Boson Nomination (01)

My interest is to write about a modest explanation of nominating Higgs boson as the creator to many new phenomena on planet earth; and these phenomena could take Higgs boson name as its their source to form and having specific qualities. Maybe the talk about phenomena which can take Higgs boson name will make the subject of this post fully understood.

The first phenomenon which should be named after Higgs boson is the pots of heavy rain; “Higgs boson pots of heavy rain” are the results of huge condensation of clouds, their level in millimetres could achieve (40) to (600) millimetres in just (24) hours, and they are floods provocateurs, this kind of rain is becoming numerous and occurring almost every day around the world.

The second phenomenon which should be named after Higgs boson is floods;“Higgs boson floods” are surprising floods created by Higgs boson, they are the result of “Higgs boson heavy rains”, they are destructive and occurring in very rare areas of floods, this kind of floods could be seen in many countries such as South Africa, Australia and the USA.

The third phenomenon which should be named after Higgs boson is lightning; “Higgs boson lightning” are very powerful, brighter and more causable to damage on planet earth, they are also long distance covers and this is due to their source which is the meeting of very long streams of cold air and hot ones. I think that the present lightning deserve to be called “Higgs boson lightning”.

Let’s say that the phenomenon which should be named after Higgs boson is rivers; “Higgs boson rivers” are burst rivers and this phenomenon will be seen all time and its caused by Higgs boson experiment, so the phenomenon of burst rivers should have the name after Higgs boson.

The last phenomenon which is in consideration of being named after Higgs boson is heat; “Higgs boson heat” is an excessive heat visitor to the North part of planet earth where temperature had never achieved (36) degrees Celsius. I think that lately temperature has achieved (36) degrees Celsius in Canada because of “Higgs boson heat”.

To conclude this post I have to say that the list of phenomena which should be named after Higgs boson is so long and I promise that I will bring you more of them in the future.
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