Saturday, 27 August 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (153)

Again soustraction has always it’s word in Higgs boson magnetism matters because they are (2) faces to (1) coin. In this post I am interested to talk about soustraction as an eliminator to one matter and as a producer to another one. I think that by bringing to light five pictures of soustraction our subject will be completed.

The first picture of soustraction is seen in clouds in the sky; clouds from Mexico could never end in China without the application of soustraction formula by Higgs boson magnetism. I think that soustraction in clouds is an obvious proof of the existence of Higgs boson magnetism otherwise how come that big Sahara is receiving a noticeable amount of rain.

The second picture of soustraction is seen in natural proteins; natural proteins are key players in building Higgs boson magnetism proofs because they are the source of the genesis of insects and many animals; I think that ants and snails are a perfect image of natural proteins regeneration for the time being.

The third picture of soustraction is seen in volcanoes’ ash; volcanoes ash has increased by (22) times than before 2012 and this is due to the increase in volcanoes eruptions. The visible soustraction in volcanoes’ ash is that this last is deduced from land to be added to the atmosphere to mix with clouds. I think that volcanoes’ ash has raised rain acidity by (100)%.

The fourth picture of soustraction is seen in fatty acids; fatty acids interaction with the water molecule makes mosquitoes generating their eggs by (10.000) faster and because the soustraction in acids in the atmosphere mix with natural fats on land through rains, simply the increase in fatty acids is at it’s highest level. I think that mosquitoes are already finding the best conditions on planet earth to grow very fast in huge numbers.

The last picture of soustraction is seen in heat waves; by moving an air which has (46) degrees Celsius to an area of (26) degrees Celsius; this last achieves a (36) degrees Celsius easily, and this is exactly whats happening on earth. First; the responsible of heat waves is Higgs boson magnetism and second; the responsible of the change in air temperature from lower to higher is soustraction. Just imagine that I am talking rubbish but how come that temperature is risen to (39) in Berlin during the last week of August.

To end this post with a short sentence is a good idea; Higgs boson magnetism and soustraction are imposing their rules on planet earth and rest to humanity to catch up with Higgs boson experiment and it’s results.

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