Saturday, 27 August 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (155)

How many bridges collapsed? How many building is in danger to collapse? How many flooded house? How many drown car? And how many streets inundated? I think that before answering to these questions we need to understand what caused all that Humanity should  understand that we are living in an era where Higgs boson magnetism has the last word. So recognition to Higgs boson magnetism field existence is a must otherwise I have to say that humans of the 21st century are ignorant.

Higgs boson magnetism power of pulling has to be taken in consideration because I am seeing huge calamities challenging human beings, and more quickly these challenges are understood the more quicker life will be saved on earth, when I proposed the first plan to humanity; no one risen any question. I think that Higgs boson magnetic field is strengthening and strengthening and some people are still repairing an old era machine.

My intention is to contracept what it has been occurred at least less damage could be achieved but in other hand the world is still behind to comprehend the real effects of Higgs boson experiment. I think that scientists have to come very fast to prepare better future to the world because Higgs boson experiment has already taken very long way to cohabit with it.

Higgs boson magnetic field is at it’s strength to pull negative charges and positive ones to produce serious lightning, and I am afraid that these charges are taken from electric generators, electric cables, and even from batteries charges. Honestly I am seeing a morose picture on planet earth without electricity.

Higgs boson magnetic field works similarly to a cup of tea; by steering it all particles follow the movement of the spoon and take direction to the center, contrarily to Higgs boson magnetic field has a tinny hole from where the smallest particles can escape until is empty.

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