Sunday, 7 August 2016

Higgs Boson Nomination (04)

Here I am to nominate five natural phenomena after Higgs boson in order to show to the world that Higgs boson experiment has changed life on planet earth, and human beings must take my nominations to these natural phenomena seriously. The paragraphs below have good explanation to the causes of these nominations.

The first phenomenon of my interest to nominate is ice; 'Higgs boson ice' is the melting ice in the North Pole; this melting ice has it’s causes to be melted and these causes are: heat waves travel to the North Pole, the rise of temperature on planet earth, and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves pulling to the ice particles. 'Higgs boson ice' is a good proof to the efficiency of Higgs boson experiment.

The second phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is orange trees; 'Higgs boson orange trees' are unique trees because they have special qualities which are: tall, full of orange and their orange are huge like the size of the water melon. I think that the world will assist surprising growth of orange trees in very surprising areas in the world and some of these areas are: South Sudan, Chad desert and Guatemala.

The third phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is sea level; 'Higgs boson sea level' is the dramatic fast rise of sea level and this is due to Higgs boson manipulation to many phenomena and such phenomena are: heat, Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the seawater molecule and seawater condensation. I think that the rising sea level is the most challenging phenomenon to humanity and this is made by Higgs boson experiment.

The fourth phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is magma; 'Higgs boson magma' is hotter, faster, spreadable in long distance and very destructive. Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ manipulation to soil particles through the integration of this last into Higgs boson magnetism rotations make them acquiring higher energy to form magma easily. I think that the phenomenon of 'Higgs boson magma' is a huge challenge to humanity to deal with.

The last phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is the salt decomposition inside seawater; 'Higgs boson salt decomposition' is an important process in the change of the global weather system. The salt atom is easy to decay once put under Higgs boson magnetism power of sonors and power of dilatation. Simply salt in seas started to disappear and becoming subatomic particles to integrate inside Higgs boson magnetic particles waves. The world will notice that salt condensation inside seawater is at decrease.
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