Sunday, 21 August 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (150)

Higgs boson manipulation to clouds is wide to understand and thats why I decided to bring to you five paragraphs holding points of light on this manipulation.

The stairs shape is the easiest shape to understand Higgs boson manipulation to clouds because clouds have two directions; horizontally and vertically; this movement of clouds is called “stairs clouds movement”. The third stage of the new era of life is dominated by the “stairs clouds movement” and this is because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are at their full strength and thats why they can pull the water molecule further up, up and up.

Higgs boson manipulation to clouds could be in a spinning manner; and this means that the movement of the water molecule is under control at a subatomic level; my intention is to say that the water molecule is a part of a whole system manipulated by Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe. I think that the water molecule movement could never be understood without the understanding of Higgs boson manifestations shapes which are explained in “Higgs Boson Manifestation” post.

Quarks acrobats’ shapes are key players in the story of Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds because the water molecule movement direction shape becomes the mirror to quarks movement direction shape; for example if this last take an (S) shape then clouds also will take the same shape (S). I think that Higgs boson magnetism will develop to one line shape then clouds also will take it’s shape of this one line shape.

Soustraction shouldn't be missed out from Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds subject because its it’s heart; quarks could never put themselves in a single line shape without the application of soustraction formula (-1, +1). Simply clouds never condensate without soustraction formula for example the normal condensation of clouds in France moves to Scandinavia with the application of Higgs boson magnetism to soustarction formula process otherwise there will be no need to talk about Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds.

At last Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds is already so obvious at the pacific ocean; the huge concentration of clouds in alpha shape is one of Higgs boson magnetism manifestation shape, and it’s anti manifestation shape will be formed on Asia in it’s right side.   
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