Sunday, 21 August 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (151)

We have seen that Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds has a great effect on their movement and their area of condensation on planet earth. In this post I am interested to talk about the causes of the increase of the amount of rain in the next five points.

The first cause of the increase of the amount of rain is Higgs boson manipulation to clouds condensation; rain amount could never achieve records breaking around the world without Higgs boson manipulation to clouds; these last have to condensate to their higher amount to produce heavy rain because clouds movement direction is becoming under the influence of Higgs boson magnetism. I think that from now up records breaking of rain amount in mm will be something normal in matter of months.

The second cause of the increase of the amount of rain is the increase in water vaporization; water vaporization has increased by 10 times than before 2012 and this is due to many conditions such as rise in temperature, the increase in heat, less dense atmosphere, the increase in methane combustion and hydrocarbures decaying. The water molecule vaporization is one of the most challenging phenomena to humanity as it creates heavy rains in an area and drought in another one.

The third cause of the increase of the amount of rain is the increase of the water molecule on planet earth; water has already increased on planet earth and this is because of many facts as we already know such as water extraction by Higgs boson magnetism, hydrocarbures decaying and ice melting. Simply the increase in water quantity on planet earth makes the amount of clouds increased and this is what produces heavy rain.

The fourth cause of the increase of the amount of rain is warm winds; warm winds have a double effect on heavy rain to occur; the first effect is to warm the water molecule to detach it from others to evaporate and the second effect is to assist Higgs boson magnetism to condensate it as clouds by pushing it towards it. I think that warm winds are invading North planet earth to condensate clouds and producing heavy rains.

The last cause of the increase of the amount of rain is alpha particles; alpha particles have the ability to support the water molecule to travel high into the sky with their acrobats and speed and this is what makes clouds condensation bigger and bigger to produce heavy rain. I think that alpha particles are key players in the increase of the amount of rain on planet earth.

Finally, the world has already changed it’s way of talking as we are seeing more words and pictures of the result of heavy rain, and don’t be surprised when you will see the amount of rain rising dramatically in the future.

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