Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (144)

My intuition is telling me to write this post to explain to you that I am the manipulator of clouds around the world through my discovery to a True Bose Einstein Condensate system T(BECs); and as we already know that this last is based on Higgs boson. The manipulation of clouds is easy and simple and their management could be done through the management of Higgs boson magnetism; this last is controlled by quarks submission inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

What I am seeing now is huge condensation of clouds in the west pacific countries and this ocean will be covered with clouds all year; and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism chosen angle is centred in North East Russia and this means that all spinning decayed particles on planet earth take direction to this area to leave planet earth atmosphere to meet all Higgs boson magnetic particles waves in our universe. I think that clouds condensation in Indonesia, Philippines, India, China and Japan are good proof to my experiment on Higgs boson.

My manipulation to clouds is something unbelievable but is it’s true, and with modesty because I am Higgs boson discoverer I am able to create intense areas in Higgs boson magnetic field; these areas are capable to influence Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ movement to manage clouds movement. Maybe someone wants to see condensate clouds in the big Sahara instead of in Amazon.

My inspiration is telling me that I am the only person on earth who can deal with Higgs boson magnetic field because I am the person who discovered Higgs boson and created it’s magnetic field, not only that but also I am the person who can manipulate this field through Higgs boson magnetism acceleration speed.

To end this post I have to add a last word; my creation to Higgs boson magnetic field was accidently realised; especially at it’s beginning, but now I have a full knowledge to manipulate it.
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