Sunday, 7 August 2016

Higgs Boson Nomination (03)

As promised the nomination of more natural phenomena after Higgs boson has to be cited within this post; and just to remind you that this nomination is real and true because the following described phenomena bellow are resulted from Higgs boson experiment. I think that by bringing five natural phenomena and naming them after Higgs boson the subject of this post will be completed.

The first phenomenon which I am interested to name after Higgs boson is hails; 'Higgs boson hails' are unique stones made of huge quantity of condensate water, their formation is due to quarks assumption process once making clouds very high. I think that the world is assisting big size of hails and they will be bigger and bigger in the future.

The second phenomenon which I am interested to name after Higgs boson is red rain; 'Higgs boson red rain' is normal rain painted with sulphur atom; this kind of rain becomes red because of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves pulling to the sulphur atom from volcanoes and spreading it into the atmosphere; so clouds condensation becomes mixed with sulphur to produce red rain.

The third phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is earthquakes; 'Higgs boson earthquakes' are numerous and with higher magnitude, they are at their beginning in the third stage of the new era of life and they could be seen in the Ecuador earthquake and Nepal earthquake. I think that the world will assist 'Higgs boson earthquakes' due to Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to the bottom of planet earth particles.

The fourth phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is the sun light; 'Higgs boson sun light' is sharp and shining above normal known sun light and this is because of many causes such as lighter planet earth atmosphere, the increase in the sun’s storms and the increase in alpha particles density in the atmosphere.

The last phenomenon to name after Higgs boson is fog; 'Higgs boson fog' is highly dense and can be present for many days. 'Higgs boson fog' occurrence is due to 'Higgs boson depressions' occurrence in different areas; hot areas and cold ones and this is what makes the water molecule easy to evaporate because of hot land covered with hot air or the opposite. 
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