Monday, 8 May 2017

Announcement (127)

This announcement comes to filling the gaps of my time during daily life. I am here just to say few words concerning my win over CERN’s scientists; because I am seeing that rain is holding their sky for long time, and I am sure that this situation will lead to the flooding of their sites of researches. What the world should know is the truth and the reality of it’s actual existence on planet earth; the world should know about Higgs boson magnetic field activated dynamics which are enveloped inside Higgs boson magnetism.

I said that I am a winner because I have all means to create Higgs boson magnetic field and to accelerate it or slow it down; and this is through the use of the Rugosa Corals as the main players in the building of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). My intention here is to remind you that you are a particle which is under Higgs boson magnetism influence; and this influence is made of vibrational waves breaking all tiny particles inside your body.

Maybe someone asks why Canada is inundated from west to east? The answer is that clouds manipulation doesn’t belong to winds anymore; and this means that the water molecule in the atmosphere is following subatomic particles movement to condensate anywhere in the world and becomes heavy rain. I think that its time to meteorologists to confirm that clouds movement has completely changed during the last five years and its a result of an experiment in particle physics.

I should say something important to people with interest to particle physics; the time has come to set a new clear image that Higgs boson is activated and it has put all existing particles under it’s influence; the influence of trapping them inside it’s field and decaying them into their lowest energy form, and also pulling them to the end edge of our universe then emptying them inside universe five. I think that these people should understand this image and explain it to the rest of the world, because the reality of particle physics in the 21st century is all about this image.

Here as well I should rise “Syndication (14-8)” which is becoming an image of the new era of life; grasses development in urban areas is dominating the scene on every inch of land and it could be seen on stairs, walls and on pavements; I can say that carbon atom is at extreme locking. I would like to add the picture below which is showing grasses invasion to urban areas.

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