Friday, 26 May 2017

Announcement (131)

Few years later my catch was so big as you see in the picture below

A rock built on sand and Rugosa corals; and this means that geologists are very welcome to witness this catch of the oldest creatures on earth. In this announcement my talk about Rugosa corals is taking the most of this post’s lines.

The rock which we are seeing above has made the best discovery ever in biology and in physics because its holding hundreds of Rugosa where Higgs boson found safe place to get locked inside. I think that my intention here is to send a clear message to those with interest to a unique biological body and to those with interest to Higgs boson; its an unmissable opportunity to take Higgs boson knowledge to the next level.

The Rugosa corals inside this rock are the biggest which I have never seen and this means that they are the oldest in their kind; and this means that Higgs boson inside them has a bigger mass comparing it to smaller ones. In this situation I have to say that this kind of Rugosa corals have developed their body to this size because Higgs boson has bigger power of swallowing to particles and to condensate them faster.

So Rugosa corals rock is available to interested people to know the hidden secrets of the beginning of life on earth because it will take you back to 500 millions of years ago, and revealing how Higgs boson condensate our planet earth.
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