Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Announcement (129)

Life has to come to it’s end with one way or with another; in this blog my suggestion to the end of life has been explained in precision through my writing to “Higgs Boson Syndication” posts, “Higgs Boson Magnetism” posts and to “Higgs boson Announcement” posts; all these posts are shining light on peoples’ brain to make them understanding two main theories which are the theory of everything and the theory of the end of life.
Both cited theories above are at an activated process; and this process of activation was made by my experiment on Higgs boson, and here I have to remind you that this experiment is switched on again to make Higgs boson magnetism power of pulling to matter faster, faster and faster. And by this process the end of our world will be a result of obligation because the made decay by Higgs boson magnetism to matter has no end until when everything turns into sub subatomic particles.
The theory of the end of the world has already taken a long way in practice and this is through the switch of everything rotations in order to break into smaller masses, then smaller and then smaller; and this could be seen in the shrinking walls as an example; these walls are falling and their fall is a must. Also both poles’ ice is melting and it’s total disappearance is also a must, here as well I have to say that fish mass death is a good proof to the end of life on planet earth.
I should include an image from reality which is reflecting the theory of everything activation; this image is showing seawater very high vaporisation; because this vaporisation of seawater could never achieve it’s highest level without seawater quarks attachment to the atmosphere’s quarks. The vaporised seawater shouldn’t be underestimated because its one of the most influential phenomena on life on planet earth.
I think that the talk about the theory of everything has no end and I hope that I will have enough time to put the light on it in future posts.  
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