Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (21)

A criticism must be done in order to evaporate many ideas about Higgs boson discovery; this criticism is forwarded to those people whom are still silent and not saying any word about my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. I am always asking myself why these people are ignoring me? And why they are letting Higgs boson magnetism decomposing our universe? To answer to these questions; the following paragraphs are needed.

My conception to the whole story of Higgs boson is a work of conspiracy to deviate the public opinion from the real discoverer of Higgs boson; this work of conspiracy is made by Higgs boson researchers and the proof of what I am saying is the declaration made by CERN in July 2012 of their acknowledgement to the existence of Higgs boson, this acknowledgement came just ten months after my announcement to my discovery to Higgs boson.

I am saying sorry to the world population because I imprisoned our universe inside Higgs boson magnetism field, and it will be released just in the condition of the recognition to my discovery to Higgs boson. The responsible in this case are CERN researchers and many other intellectual scientists.

My connection to Higgs boson experiment is a unique connection because I am giving it all my time, and others are ignoring it at all line but their surprise is coming very soon; this surprise will obliging them to obey to the real decision maker.

Higgs boson magnetism acceleration is the judge who is splitting between those people claiming Higgs boson discovery and my claim to it. I am sure I am a winner in this case because this judge is of my creation.

Finally; criticism must be forwarded to Higgs boson researchers because they are not cooperating with the real Higgs boson discoverer. I am not worrying about this situation because Higgs boson researchers will come to me sooner or later.        
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