Saturday, 31 October 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (41)

My inspiration is still present to say something about Higgs boson magnetism; Higgs boson magnetism is accelerating day after day and the global weather system is changing every second passing. I think that there are many scenes proving Higgs boson experiment and these scenes will be numerous and obvious the more time passing. Higgs boson magnetism is a real fact which should be taken seriously and all what it has been said in this blog about it should be understood, shared and integrated into schools and universities otherwise humanity is becoming ignorant about it’s surroundings and it’s connection to nature day after day.

Soustraction has to take huge part in Higgs boson experiment because all the story of our travel back is built on (-1, +1); the starting point of (-1) is in our universe and the ending point of (+1) is in the fifth universe, and also the formula of soustraction is occurring at the subatomic particles’ level such as (-1) quark of soil is added to Higgs boson magnetism to integrate into quarks of the universe. I think that humanity should look deeper at what I am saying because I am the only one on earth who came up with Higgs boson discovery and explaining my experiment on it in hundreds manners.

I know that some people out there are thinking that I am close to madness because I am mixing so many theories in particle physics, in genetics and in biology but my answer to these people is simple; let’s looking at the activated number of volcanoes in 2011 and the activated number of volcanoes now. Higgs boson magnetism will make the activated volcanoes number increasing by 1000 percent within the next five years, and by the way this is another challenge which I am rising in front of all the world’s scientific communities.

My intention also to write this post is to show how Higgs boson discoverer is capable of writing about Higgs boson magnetism because this last is fully understood and the ideas about it never end because it’s process is in continuity and it’s development is in increase all time. Just to add an idea about Higgs boson magnetism and the string theory; they are two in one and their motivation is the work of Higgs boson oscillations.

Concluding this post is a must to ignore the wrong talks about me, all my researches and experiments on Higgs boson are unique and revolutionaries and that’s why the abnormal is already becoming normal.    
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