Sunday, 1 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (42)

How many physical interactions are occurring on planet earth? Millions, billions and maybe billions of billions; my question in this post is how come that in spite of all these physical interactions and nobody noticed them? I think that by answering to this question through the explanation of five scenes of these interactions our subject will be completed.

The first scene showing the physical interaction on planet earth is flowers; “Higgs Boson Flower” post has a good explanation to the boom of flowers on planet earth. It is also important to know that Higgs boson magnetism has an interesting role in flowers growth and this happen by it’s pulling to flowers subatomic particles to grow faster, stronger and got healthier.

The second scene showing the physical interaction on planet earth is Higgs boson magnetism integration to many old particles of living organisms; I think that this scene could be explained by the appearance of new frogs, new snakes, new marine animals, new butterflies, new birds, new dogs and new kind of bacteria. All these new creatures are the result of many kind of interactions such as sulphur-carbon, and hydrogen-carbon-oxygen.

The third scene showing the physical interaction on planet earth is the moon’s light interaction with all living organisms; the moon’s light is unique and different than all other planets’ light because it’s formation is based on the reflection of the sun’s light through carbon (14); so it’s influence on all living organisms is substantial. What I want to say is that the source of the moon’s light is carbon (14) which makes living organisms growing faster and because alpha particles are increasing in the atmosphere this makes the moon’s light in high reflexion and this is what’s makes living organisms absorbing in high levels and that’s why they are growing faster and faster.

The fourth scene showing the physical interaction on planet earth is the sun’s heat interaction with the water molecule; the water molecule is becoming warmer because of it’s interaction with higher sun’s heat day after day; and this  is whats leading to the increase in water evaporation, and to warm seas and oceans; all these scenes are in occurrence because of Higgs boson magnetism. Higgs boson magnetism is widening planet earth’s orbit to become close to the sun.

The last scene showing the physical interaction on planet earth is Higgs boson magnetism’s rotations interaction; as we already know that Higgs boson magnetism movements are rotational and because these movements are covering many parts in planet earth; their interaction occurs in the upper atmosphere and above it, and their result is the condensation of many kind of clouds on the sky. Also another result which is more important is particles and chemicals interaction and such interaction is positive charges with negative charges.   

Concluding this post is by making a call to all scientific communities to look at my research and taking serious decisions about it, if not; consequences are getting worse and worse due to the physical interactions on planet earth.
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