Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (45)

My willing to write this post is to show to the world that I am the real Higgs boson discoverer; this claim could be proved in many ways and one of them is to put the light on Higgs boson magnetism because its the most influential 
phenomenon proving Higgs boson experiment; this experiment is built on simple ingredients but it’s efficacy is recognised as the most successful in particle physics and without it my writings could never exist.

The interconnection of our universe’s particles and the next universe which is universe five could never occur without Higgs boson experiment; this experiment had created Higgs boson magnetism which is making both universes’ particles interacting, and because it’s direction is backwards all our universe’s particles have to travel towards this direction. I am sure that this travel of particles had started in 2011 at the beginning of the Higgs boson first experiment, and this is when the first quarks submission occurred.

It is imminent to talk about quarks role in Higgs boson magnetism as a carrier to all subatomic particles of our universe; quarks submission is the creator to strings starting at Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and ending at the bottom of the universe one. These strings are lines attached together similarly to cables and their movement is rotational and they are pulled by the absorption to particles of Higgs boson of the first universe, in reality this is what creates Higgs boson magnetism acceleration and the more Higgs boson magnetism is accelerated the faster our universe is decomposed.

Higgs boson magnetism acceleration is an accumulation of particles’ flow which started building up from the first experiment on Higgs boson and which has already four years old and it could be seen during this time through the level of floods on earth, also this acceleration could be seen in the degree of observation of Auroras because many particles disappeared from the atmosphere and they were replaced by alpha particles.

My last word in this post is that the manipulation of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration is between my hands and I am able to increase it by one thousand percent everyday to make it obvious even to the blinds.

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