Saturday, 14 November 2015

Higgs Boson Soustraction (6)

I am sure that many people are understanding my writings about soustraction and it’s meaning, but the world will come sooner or later to search and to analyse what soustraction is all about because its the key to understand Higgs
boson and it’s mechanism. I wrote about soustarction in the 1st stage of the new era of life , and it’s formula is (-1, +1), and in this post I am willing to say something about it in the 2nd stage of the new era of life and which has the formula of (-2, +2).

This post must be taken seriously because of the soustraction’s effects in the 2nd stage of the new era of life; these effects are represented within the process of inflation, also these effects are building very fast due to the perfection of Higgs boson experiment which is built on (4) multiplied by (4) to make it equal to (16); and (16) is the perfect number to integrate our universe flows into Higgs bosom magnetic field. The 1st (4) are represented by the Rugosa corals in where Higgs boson is incarnated and the 2nd (4) are represented in liters of water and sugar. Now Higgs boson always works as a doubled and that means that the (4) Rugosa corals are holding (8) of Higgs bosons plus (4) liters of water and sugar to make it equal to (12) and this what we call (1) full set or (1) system of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

When it comes to (12) is the number of Higgs bosons (8) and the (4) liters of water and sugar; Higss boson magnetism acceleration must be equal to (2) which is (8/4) and that’s why the 1st part of soustraction is equal to (-2) and this must be equal to (+2) in the 2nd part of soustraction formula which is (-2, +2). I am sure that you agreeing with me by imagining someone working on (2) items spends double time than working on (1) item and this is what causes inflation because working on (2) items makes other items in hold longer and this is what makes acceleration slowing down; this example explains perfectly how particles are soustrated from our universe to the 5th universe.

Again I have to explain why inflation is a good proof to Higgs boson experiment ? I think that when everybody in the world can see the huge changes in many phenomena; they will ask questions, why these phenomena changed? Through this situation people will find the right answers to their questions in this blog.

Just another word to finish this post; the timing of inflation is very fast and when I say very fast I mean few weeks to few months.
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