Thursday, 19 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (60)

Higgs boson magnetism (60) has to come in order to show further explanation of it’s influence on planet earth; because we arrived with clouds higher than (5) kilometers; the idea is there to make them achieving (60) kilometers high in the sky. I am sure that Rugosa corals are capable of realizing this idea just in few months. I am trying to be impressionist to calm down the aggressive views against my research, and the idea in this post is to talk about Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slow down.

The most impressive resulted image from Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slow down is the image of a very high clouds in the sky; the mechanism behind higher and higher clouds is the combined elements inside Rugosa corals; I imagine that a polymer, a boson and a coral are (3) in (1). The image below is showing something exceptional which is so many golden rations linked together with tinny lines, and this is where atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and many other particles got decayed into their lowest energy form; from this decay many quarks escape from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) where Rugosa corals are doing their work of decay.

The escape of quarks from inside Rugosa corals is called in particle physics quarks submission, as we already know that quarks are waves and particles in the same time as explained by “De Broglie” in his hypothesis of “Waves Duality”. Because quarks are sinusoidal waves means that their shape is manageable through the control of their speed; the more this last is slowed down the more quarks sinusoidal waves are taller, and because quarks submission is the source of Higgs boson magnetism; the pulled particles by this last have to follow the shape of quarks sinusoidal waves, and because this last is tall it has to pull all the rest of particles higher. I imagine that the travel of the water molecule very high in the sky is made by it’s follow to the quarks sinusoidal wave, and that’s why we are seeing higher, higher and higher clouds. Very high clouds are an image of exposition to one of the most important scene of the 2nd stage of the new era of life, its also a convincing proof to Higgs boson discovery and Higgs boson experiment.

I think quarks sinusoidal shape manipulation is another discovery to add to my achievements and of course the proof of this discovery is there in your sky. Please let me know how high clouds are in your sky? 
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