Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (46)

Higgs boson magnetism has to be discussed, discussed and discussed, and the world intelligentsia must look at it’s facts, causes and results because the damage is huge and minimising it is everybody’s obligation. In this post I am 

addressing my word to the wise, clever, and intelligent people to explain to them how far I went with my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. I decided to address five key points below.

The first key point which I am interested to talk about is the world’s silence concerning my discovery to Higgs boson; I am shocked about the world’s silence about my discovery to Higgs boson and in spite of all the showed proofs in this blog no one dared to say something about it. Let’s say that I am wrong or I am right.

The second key point which I am interested to talk about is my imagination; I had heard that my imagination is very tall because of my combination to many theories in physics and to come up with a True Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) built on Higgs boson and this last is incarnated inside the Rugosa corals; this is simply something very big to swallow, and not only that but also to make a real experiment on our universe through the three discoveries is something unimaginable.

The third key point which I am interested to talk about is the actual change in the global weather system; as I already said that CO2 emission theory is buried and the real change of the global weather system is made by Higgs boson experiment.

The fourth key point which I am interested to talk about is floods; flooding is occurring in the world almost every day and nobody can ignore that this incident of flooding is a new phenomenon just appeared lately; it’s increase in number and in level. What is also important to say is that floods are occurring in deserts such as south Algeria, Iraq and Mexico.

The last key point which I am interested to talk about is my writings about Higgs boson; simply what I am writing about Higgs boson is unique, rare, not precedent, new, true, real, couldn't be ignored, simple, understandable, magnificent and bringing the right understanding to Higgs boson. I think that I already made hundreds of calls to the world’s scientific communities to accept my discovery as the best discovery in history and proofs of it’s experiment are everywhere in our universe.

To conclude this post a call to the people whom I noticed in my introduction has to be made to require them to find out how to deal with Higgs boson experiment.        
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