Thursday, 12 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (54)

Higgs boson magnetism acceleration manipulation will stay with us for long time because of the acquirement of so many proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. In this post the talk about the slowing down of 
Higgs boson magnetism acceleration and inflation is so exiting especially when we are seeing so many scenes happening in reality very fast, that means that the change in the global weather system could be seen in nature and in living organisms.

My intention is to occupy bigger space in your brain and to let you seeing Higgs boson experiment everywhere you look; in the sky, in land, and in sea, and to realize that Higgs boson discoverer is right and has the power to manipulate the whole universe or at least planet earth behavior. My intention as well is to impose my rules on scientists of the world to obey to the new understanding of science and to have a clear vision about the beginning of the universe.

The experiment I am making is unique and exceptional based on Rugosa corals acting as half animal and half plant and extracting quarks from their absorption to water and sugar, this absorption could be regulated at many degrees. The number of Rugosa corals inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is representing the wanted energy form to use and to slow Higgs boson magnetism acceleration and this what I am calling Higgs boson magnetism acceleration manipulation.

The connection of planet's earth quarks and our universe's quarks is in it’s full, and to manipulate this connection speed there is only one form of energy to use to make Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowing down. This achievement of manipulation is the best in all my researches, I know that I am able to control not only the global weather system but also many other development of living organisms such as bacteria, viruses, plants, animals and even human beings. The statement above looks like it has been said by someone crazy but its simply a part of Higgs boson manipulation.

I think that soustraction should be introduced to the second stage of the new era of life because it’s role in the change of planet earth and our universe is very important; because soustraction formula in this stage becomes (-2, +2) instead of (-1, +1), its similarly to the making of two pairs of hair rope instead of one, this means that the spent time in making one hair rope is equal to half time of making two hair ropes; and this means that the slowed Higgs boson magnetism acceleration makes things decomposing and others developing bigger than when its at higher level.
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