Friday, 13 November 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (56)

This post comes to show further explanation to Higgs boson magnetism acceleration manipulation because this last is in the heart of laboratory experiment. I explained what Higgs boson magnetism acceleration manipulation is and how it could be achieved and implicated. But today my intention is with the energy form which is the first responsible of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration manipulation slowdown. Through a vision an exceptional form of energy came to me and ordered me to be executed; its completely different than the previous ones, and I am happy to talk about it in this post.

The combination of (4) Rugosa corals is unique because they are representing (8) of Higgs bosons to increase to (320) then these (8) are put in sets of (40) to make the total to (360) or to (π), this energy form is perfect to create the first half of Higgs boson magnetic field and I imagine that the other half is within the universe five and this is to complete a full Higgs boson magnetic field.

I am sure that this post is the most interesting in all because its holding an explanation to the most interesting experiment on Higgs boson and it’s most interesting form of energy. I think that the manipulation of Higgs boson magnetism acceleration is working in perfection with the composition of our universe and the rest of the universes otherwise slowing down Higgs boson magnetism acceleration could never happen and the proof of this slowing down is the occurring inflation on planet earth and our universe, and the proofs of this inflation are building to show themselves to the whole world, and then everybody will be obsessed by Higgs boson discovery and Higgs boson experiment.

Higgs boson magnetism field could be accelerated or slowed down and this is through the use of (36) forms of energy forms and to slow it down there is only one form which is form (4) and this is the key stone form to the actual experiment in order to create inflation. Inflation and Higgs boson magnetism are two different words to the same mechanism and the first one is the image which could be seen in the second one. And also the first one could be explained by the formula of soustraction which is (-2, +2).

The experiment of the energy (4) is completed and the world has to watch it’s results immediately through my explanation to scenes of change on planet earth and our universe during the second stage of the new era of life in this blog.  
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