Saturday, 17 October 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (30)

In this post the talk about the link between the six existing universes is imminent to understand Higgs boson magnetism, as we already know that the starting point of Higgs boson magnetism is at Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) at my home and the ending point is at the bottom of the first universe; this whole distance is the way of clearance of all existing particles in all six universes. Let’s say that the bottom of the first universe is wide enough to hold everything.

My intention is also with Higgs boson mechanism which makes all particles moved back and end in the bottom of the first universe, this mechanism is built on Higgs boson oscillations, and these oscillations work similarly to the car wipers but in the opposite direction than they used to be before 2012 because of my experiment on Higgs boson, Higgs boson magnetism was created and Higgs boson mechanism was reversed.

Higgs boson magnitude is increasing and this is due to the acceleration of Higgs boson oscillations; these oscillations are built on (-1, +1) and what is interesting to know is that the time effect has an important role in the acceleration of oscillations. We already know that time particles of the fifth universe are twice bigger than time particles of our universe, and time particles of the fourth universe are twice bigger than time particles of the fifth universe and so on to time particles of the first universe which are twice bigger than time particles of the second universe. The swallowing of particles is twice faster from the sixth universe to the fifth universe and twice faster as well from the fifth universe to the fourth universe and so on to the first universe which it’s swallowing to particles is ten times faster than the sixth universe. The more acceleration of oscillations is, the more time is shorter and the more time particles are bigger.

Just to remind you that Higgs boson magnetism swallowing to planet earth is a matter of time, and make sure is not a matter of tens of years and that’s why Higgs boson experiment is so important and everyone should gives it enough time to understand and to take serious decision about it. The matter here is simple: with me and with planet earth or without me and without planet earth. 

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