Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (33)

Higgs boson magnetism field is equal to (-2, +2) and this means that all particles have to be transferred from point (+2) to point (-2). I think that the understanding of Higgs boson magnetism field is not complicated and by looking at five examples this subject will be clarified and visioned.

The first example of Higgs boson magnetism is explained inside the covalent bonding; a pair of covalent bonding is built on two electrons and two positrons this means that Higgs boson magnetic field could be explained by a pair of covalent bonding.

The second example explaining Higgs boson magnetic field is the quarks model; the quarks model is proposing for example the up quark which has the anti up quark and both of them have the up squark and the anti up squark, this means that we have four particles; two with negative sign and two with positive sign. What could be understood from above is that the quarks model is a perfect image of Higgs boson magnetic field.

The third example explaining Higgs boson magnetic field is the butterfly; the butterfly has four wings; two up and two down; the ups are positive energy absorbent and the downs are negative energy absorbent, that means that the butterfly is composed of two positives and two negatives and this is what reflecting exactly the same field of Higgs boson magnetism.

The fourth example explaining Higgs boson magnetic field is our universe and it’s anti universe, and the fifth universe and it’s anti universe; the two universes: the sixth and the fifth are aligned horizontally on the top of their anti universes, and they are two positives (+2) and their anti universes are to two negatives (-2), Higgs boson magnetic field is obvious in this image of universes.

The last example explaining Higgs boson magnetic field is inside the chicken egg; chicken eggs are built on (-2, +2); the yellow yolk has two poles (-1, +1), and the white of the egg has also two poles (-1, +1) and this is what explains Higgs boson magnetism field perfectly.

My conclusion to this post is by inviting you to look at nature to see Higgs boson magnetic field integrated in everything; and in this case as well the situation could be added to the proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson.  
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