Sunday, 5 June 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (31)

In this post I would like to add a new insurrection created by Higgs boson lately; this insurrection is a show of an anger of Higgs boson discoverer. My creation to depressions in the Atlantic is an easy target to achieve and my experience of experimenting on Higgs boson makes me acquiring more knowledge to manage depressions, these last are becoming bigger, stronger and with longer life.

Through the building of a sophisticated Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); quarks submission and quarks assumption become the spark to give birth to a depression inside the Atlantic and this is due to many good conditions such as the existence of hot lands in Iceland, these hot lands are the nearest to Higgs boson experiment and the existence of copper lands in Wales. The consequences of depressions are so many and they are Higgs boson insurrection itself.

One of the consequences of depressions is strong winds; strong winds also have many consequences such as damage to buildings, damage to trees and grasses, damage to transports means such as; boats, trains, planes, cars and lorries, the creation of sand storms, the creation of high waves leading to coastal floods and the travel with volcanoes’ ash and sulphur to cover many lands.

Depressions are clouds accumulators and generators; due to depressions clouds can travel very high to condensate in huge amounts and to provoke heavy rain covering millions of miles square of lands. Also clouds can accumulate in pineapple expresses to provoke serious floods. I think that clouds accumulation is one of the most important insurrections in the 3th stage of the new era of life.

Just a last word; depressions could be controlled and they are the source of storms creation, heavy rain and strong winds, also their magnitude is at increase due to Higgs boson experiment.
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