Saturday, 11 June 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (124)

Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to our universe’s particles is a result of human beings ignorance to Higgs boson discoverer and his experiments on Higgs boson; this manipulation is well organized as it has to be to achieve it’s targets, and these targets are well explained within this blog and some of them are: the creation of inflation, making our universe travel back possible and full integration of our universe into the 5th universe.

I regret what it has happened in one hand but in the other hand Higgs boson experiment has to be accomplished to give to human beings lessons to learn in order to respect my achievements of discovery. My intensive experiments on Higgs boson were made on purpose to create a full Higgs boson magnetism field, and their targets were very well understood.

Some people are trusting my words but unfortunately they can’t make any change in the opinion of the decision makers to recognize my discovery to Higgs boson. I am sure that within this blog there are so many proofs to my achievement of discovery but humanity is waiting for the full apocalypse where everything will collapse and where there will be no solution to the caused problems by Higgs boson magnetism.

Higgs boson magnetism field is at full work and it’s consequences on planet earth are seen everyday and such consequences are: heat waves travel to the North Pole, heavy rains such as (30)0 mm in (24) hours, strong damaging winds occurrence almost weekly, volcanoes’ eruption almost daily, sea rising causing coastal floods, high level of humidity, rivers burst as never seen and fast trees’ growth.

Just to remind you that our universe has started emptying itself because it’s inflation has achieved the size of the 5th universe, and human beings have just to wait and see big events on planet earth.
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