Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (32)

I have to add another post of Higgs boson insurrections in order to show to the world how Higgs boson magnetism is decaying our universe. I think that by exposing five scenes of decaying to masses our subject will be understood.

The first scene of decay to masses is heavy rain in the northern part of planet earth; nobody can ignore that the occurring heavy rain in America, Europe and Asia is a new phenomenon which is of Higgs boson magnetism creation. Most clouds are travelling north accompanied with heat waves to create high level of moisture to intensify the clouds condensation. I think that the cited areas will assist serious floods in the future.

The second scene of decay to masses is trees’ growth; trees are growing bigger and higher as they never did; and this means that they are absorbing carbon in very high level; and the collection of this carbon is coming from decayed masses such as; volcanoes’ ash, wild fires and hydrocarbures decay such as benzene.

The third scene of decay to masses is the released methane from under the bottom of the sea; the image of bubbles of methane under the sea couldn’t be missed; this image is the result of soil decay under the sea which makes methane escaping and mixing with seawater.

The fourth scene of decay to masses is the melting ice on Greenland; Greenland ice is shortening very fast and this could be certified through the satellite image which is showing the bigger uncovered surface of land from ice. The decay of ice is the result of heat travel north.

The last scene of decay to masses is sea snakes development due to Higgs boson magnetism creation to the right conditions of development; sea snakes are finding the right conditions to grow bigger and faster; so many chemicals are decayed from many different masses under the sea such as corals, algae and many kind of fish.    
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