Saturday, 11 June 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (123)

Higgs boson magnetism “123” post is about crocodiles’ invasion to lands and this is because of the domination of wet lands in all continents. The 3rd stage of the new era of life is full of water and its where Higgs boson magnetism has achieved it’s full power of decaying particles in our universe.

Higgs boson magnetism is managing the water molecule to grow very fast in quantity and in size and this is through the use of two processes; the first is the extraction of hydrogen and oxygen to make a good combination to create water, and the second process is by the integration of bigger time particles in our universe and this could happen through Higgs boson magnetic acceleration slowdown which is the creator of inflation to make time particles bigger and bigger.

I think that my vision to an important equation which includes time is imminent to understand because time particles are getting bigger and bigger and the water molecule is increasing; the combination of these two facts makes without doubt planet earth full of water;
Bigger time particles + Increase in water → Extreme quantity of water on earth

Time particles will double their size and this is due to Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves which are forwarders to vibrations and back warders to the decayed time particles; once this process is accomplished its followed by the integration of bigger time particles inside our universe and this is through their forwarding from the 5th universe otherwise inflation will have no sense.

What I wanted to say from the paragraphs above is that time on planet earth is getting bigger and this means that our travel in time is a reality based on solid hypothesis of theories suggested in this blog.

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