Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (35)

Higgs boson insurrections are unimaginable and I am interested to write about five of them within this post.

One of Higgs boson insurrections is the bigger size of rain drops; who can ignore that rain drops are becoming bigger by (10) to (20) times than the known rain drops. Bigger rain drops means faster water accumulation on land and this is what leads to flash floods. The drops of rain are becoming bigger because of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to clouds very high and this is what gives more time to rain drops to form bigger before achieving land. Also time particles in our universe are getting bigger and this is what makes bigger water molecule.

Trees’ leaves growth to huge size is also one of Higgs boson insurrections; trees’ leaves are growing hugely because of many causes such as Higgs boson magnetism pulling to trees’ particles, the new weather conditions such as heat increase, water increase and humidity increase, and bigger time particles. Higgs boson insurrection is presented in trees’ leaves growth through the extinction of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms will diminish to nil on planet earth exactly the same as the carboniferous period.

Also wildfires are of Higgs boson magnetism creation and they are as one of Higgs boson insurrections; Higgs boson magnetism is creating the right conditions to wildfires to occur and this is by drying huge areas from water through it’s forwarding to heat waves and dispersing clouds from above them. The areas which I am talking about are so many and some of them are: North West Canada, South West USA and North India. Because temperature is rising on planet earth wildfires will be one of the most challenging insurrections to humanity.

Fourthly; comets as one of Higgs boson insurrections shouldn’t be missed; as their increase in number is one of Higgs boson magnetism results and their visit to planet earth is a good proof to Higgs boson magnetism field. I think that humanity has no solution to face comets visits to planet earth.

I would like to end this post by the last of Higgs boson insurrections which is quarks submission; submitting quarks is a direct insurrection showing full management of Higgs boson experiment, showing power and knowledge, managing Higgs boson magnetism and making our universe travelling back faster and faster. Also quarks submission is a source of many insurrections such as strong winds, sand storms, depressions, heavy rain and heat waves.
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