Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (131)

Higgs boson magnetism accumulation will be seen like the sun in the sky because of particles’ condensation inside Higgs boson magnetism; the scene is very furious and human beings have to prepare for the huge challenge of Higgs boson magnetism accumulation. In this post I am interested to write about five causes of Higgs boson magnetism accumulation.

The first cause of Higgs boson magnetism accumulation is Higgs boson experiment; Higgs boson magnetism could never exist without the discovery of Higgs boson and my experiment on it; this experiment is represented in the creation of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and this last is simply a machine to decay particles and ejects them into space. I am sure that I am talking about the only source to Higgs boson magnetism to be born otherwise other claims are simply fake.

Some people claimed Higgs boson discovery but until today they are doing nothing with it. I am still claiming Higgs boson discovery and what I achieved in the last five years is the overwhelming of our universe, and what we are seeing on planet earth of seawater warming, high level of humidity, high rise in temperature, strong gusty winds, heavy rains, volcanoes’ eruptions and floods are just the result of Higgs boson magnetism accumulation, and humanity has to prepare for the future because the worse is still coming.

Higgs boson magnetism accumulation is building day after day by acquiring energy from our universe; and this energy loss will be obvious very soon. There are so many scenes on planet earth which are confirming my statement of energy loss and some examples are: cracks increase in buildings and houses, landslides due to soil decomposition and the appearance of huge holes in many places around the world.

Just few words to close this post; Higgs boson accumulation is at work and it’s results are serious and real. I think that human beings have no exit from Higgs boson magnetism accumulation and they have just to face it.

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