Friday, 4 March 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (29)

I was waiting for long time to write “Higgs boson Insurrection (29)” post because it’s effects occurrence are real now; its about comets visit to our planet earth, one of the comets visit was on the first of March 2016 in Scotland, and this incident is a proof to what it has been said earlier in “Higgs Boson Flower” post. Higgs boson magnetism is the key point behind the scene of comets invasion to earth as it was explained; the top of high mountains on other planets got broken and pulled into space and some of them land on earth.

Many causes make comets landing on earth and some of these causes are: planet earth change to it’s orbit path by getting wider, most of known planets and unknown ones and stars change to their orbits paths, Higgs boson magnetism breaking to many top of high mountains of planets in our universe, the weakness in the gravitational waves in our universe due to Higgs boson magnetism acceleration and lightness in planet earth’s atmosphere due to the new chemical formation. I am sure that there are many other causes allowing comets to land on earth.

Comets flying number in our universe is at increase and incidents of crashes between them will be common; this scene must occur otherwise how come that our universe matter and antimatter will achieve their lowest energy? The second stage of the new era of life is the beginning of comets appearance and human being has to find solutions to face this challenge.

I think that one day comets will have the size of rain, and their dominance to space is another stage of life of which our universe will assist. The decaying of comets from big to small is the result of Higgs boson magnetism work which is exactly the same as a concassor where rocks break to their smallest size. My conception here is logic to complete the theory of everything and to give it one sense which is the back hole after inflation.

My conclusion to this post has more than (88) convincing evidences and this means that comets will invade planet earth and human being will assist their falling every (8) hours in each (8) days. Just to remind you that the theory of everything is based on (8) elements.
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