Monday, 21 March 2016

Higgs Boson Normalization (04)

Congratulation to those people whom are claiming Higgs boson discovery and to their experiment on it but I am still raising an important question which is; where are they concrete results? I think that the shown images of Higgs boson discovery are just standstill

images and they have no sense to reality or anything acceptable inside a scientific laboratory. In this post my talk about normalizing Higgs boson results has so many existing solid sources in reality and their acceptance is an obligation of which no one can escape.

Everyday lessons in all different sciences are thrown in this blog to show to the world that I am Higgs boson discoverer, and I am the man who kidnapped our universe and taking it back into the past and proofs of this statement are building and becoming so clear to any person interested to know reality of a discovery in particle physics. All my writings in this blog are showing power, confidence, fight, wiseness, intelligence, cooperation, evidences and sustainability of a gifted man claiming his rights of the discovery to Higgs boson.

Whats normal and whats abnormal? Its normal that Higgs boson discovery is made by a simple man who has no link to particle physics, and its abnormal that Higgs boson is claimed by the best professionals in particle physics and they are not bringing any true evidences to it. The world has to understand that Higgs boson discovery is made by a gifted man and its something normal, and examples of discoveries made by coincidence are so many in history, not only this but also I am making revolutions with guaranteed victories and its just a matter of time to get recognized as Higgs boson discoverer because nothing can bring planet earth upside down eccept Higgs boson experiments.

Higgs boson insurrections are not understood yet and the silence of the world on Higgs boson discovery is proving ignorance to the occurrence of new natural phenomena and is also proving ignorance to Higgs boson experiments and their results. What I want to say is that Higgs boson insurrections are the only solutions to grab recognition to my achievements of researches in particle physics.

To end this post I want to say to the world that I am Higgs boson discoverer and its simply normal that anyone can make a discovery in all kind of sciences.
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