Thursday, 10 March 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (73)

In my life I have never seen an ignored man such as Higgs boson discoverer who is explaining his discovery to the world with an unimaginable conviction and with an unlimited number of proofs to his discovery. Today’s post contains convincing proofs to the existence of Higgs boson magnetism, and also it does contain further explanation to Higgs boson mechanism.

My observation and analysis to natural phenomena on planet earth is supported by true visions to Higgs boson magnetism and it’s mechanism; let’s say that the rise in temperature in the United States of America during this month is just a coincidence, but how do you explain floods in the United Arab of Emirates, Oman and Iran? Once we look at my hypothesis which is saying that planet earth is turning upside down; we find the answer to this hypothesis in reality, and this means that the tropical line is shifting north from Algeria to Alaska by (45) degrees and its shifting south from Algeria to New Zealand by (45) degrees. I am sure that the power which is shifting planet earth from it’s position in it’s orbit is Higgs boson magnetism and it’s mechanism, this last is changing all existing chemicals in planet’s earth atmosphere to make it’s shifting possible.

My inspiration is telling me that Higgs boson magnetism mechanism is at full work and this means that real facts are there and such facts are: the amount of rain in a short of time reflects the increase of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to clouds to condensate in a small area and to create heavy rain, the increasing and the dropping of temperature in the same area in a very short time and examples of this situation are everywhere in the world and snow melting in high mountains is a good proof.

Higgs boson magnetism mechanism could be explained only and only with the soustraction formula because everything is particles and particles are countable starting from (1) to (X) number that means that this number is finite and could be managed by Higgs boson to be treated inside it after using it’s mechanism of pulling. Higgs boson mechanism work exactly the same as a coffee blender in the case of this last the coffee is put by human and in the case of Higgs boson particles are pulled by Higgs boson magnetism inside Higgs boson (1 by 1), (2 by 2) an (3 by 3) until the treatment of all particles of our universe.

My compassion has no limits and my generosity has no end to feed your brain with valuable information and to show you where our world is up to, rest to you to show interest for your own benefit.       
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