Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (72)

Talking about Higgs boson magnetism is not given to anybody in the world, and I am so lucky to be able to acquire information and to forward it to the world. Today’s post is also one of the interesting posts which should be looked at deeply in order to understand many natural phenomena around us; these phenomena are resulted from the created Higgs boson magnetism by Higgs boson experiment which is represented in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Do you know that Higgs boson magnetism is turning planet earth upside down and this fact could be seen on clouds movement which is taking south east direction, and proofs of this direction are: floods in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates and Oman), also Australia is under huge Pineapple expresses heading south east. A good example of this clouds direction is clouds heading from north east Russia to east Mongolia and to east China and covering all Japan.

Higgs boson magnetism is creating a new North Pole on planet earth and the change in temperature around the world is provoking it, also another proof of the change of North Pole is clouds condensation; temperature is rising in Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Greenland and its dropping in north east Russia, north China and Japan, and clouds condensation is increasing in these last areas and its decreasing in the first cited areas. I think that the new North Pole is already forming and its obvious and nobody can ignore it.

Higgs boson magnetism power could be seen in Australia because this last will see a significant dropping temperature as Higgs boson magnetism is pulling it towards the South Pole and making clouds more condensate on it’s sky, also the water increase on it from rain will make it’s soil decaying faster. I think that Australia is one of the first disappearing lands in the world due to Higgs boson magnetism.

Soustraction is one of the best used tools by Higgs boson magnetism; so matter is substituted  to create new form of energy, and I think that the world has to adapt with these new forms of energy to live in comfort as long as possible.
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