Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (19)

My intention to write this post is to invite professionals in particle physics to integrate my researches within recognised establishments. I am also taking the explanation of monitochs’ functions as an opportunity to show how far my discovery is so important to them to take the world of physics forward. Monitochs’ functions could be seen in nature and I would like to present five of scenes of these functions.

The first of monitochs’ functions is to increase magma inside the bottom of earth; the bottom of earth is assisting many chemicals interactions to increase magma spreading, and monitochs interaction with soil particles makes these last participate in the increase of magma.

The second of monitochs’ functions is to decay chalk mountains; because chalk is naturally easy to interact; monitochs have a great opportunity to absorb the chalk’s energy and making it softer to decay, and the result of this interaction is falling chalk’s mountains.

The third of monitochs’ functions is the creation of Icebergs; monitochs are capable of breaking Ice Mountains and this is by finding their way inside them. Breaking Ice Mountains is an easy task to monitochs and this is by substituting the ice from it’s energy.

The fourth of monitochs’ functions is to dominate all our universe; I think that all matter and antimatter in our universe will be decayed to their lowest energy form which is monitochs. Monitochs domination to our universe is real because they are the first blocks to build any existing particle, and because our universe is travelling back it has to arrive to the stage of monitochs existence only.

The last of monitochs’ functions is to accelerate Higgs boson magnetism; monitochs speed is ten times faster than the speed of light and this is what makes Higgs boson magnetism strength increased by increasing the speed of Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; monitochs are capable of taking both waves in their way and speeding them. I think that monitochs speed influence will be seen inside galaxies formation and this last will be just a matter of few years, and human being will be able to detect so many of them.

Let’s say that monitochs don’t exist; but my question is; why our planet earth is assisting so many changes in it’s formation and it’s weather system? I think that answers to this question are already available in this blog, and human being must read all what this blog contains to understand and discover truth about where our life is heading.   
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