Sunday, 6 March 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (20)

Talking about monitochs is bringing sub subatomic world to reality, and my suggestion of monitochs is pure knowledge of particle physics. In this post I would like to talk about five of monitochs’ functions; and these functions are reflected from real natural facts.

The first of monitochs’ functions is to build a superconductor inside our universe; monitochs are very light particles and this is what makes them accumulating at the end of the edge of our universe; and this accumulation makes electrons formation easy. My hypothesis suggests that electrons have (8) quarks, and quarks have (8) monitochs; so monitochs’ acrobats form quarks by preference and these last form electrons by preference as well. The condensation of electrons at the edge of our universe allows them to create a superconducting material.

The second of monitochs’ functions is to develop frogs DNA; frogs DNA is easy to build and monitochs’ function in this situation is to create the right chemicals which participate in frogs DNA. Monitochs are able to build the right number of quarks then the right number of electrons, protons and neutrons and then the right combinations of chemicals to build frogs DNA. “Higgs Boson Frogs” post has further explanation about frogs DNA development.

The third of monitochs’ functions is to make planet earth atmosphere wider; monitochs’ speed is able to carry out planet earth atmosphere’s particles and with the ombination of Higgs boson magnetism the atmosphere’s particles are pulled to form wider circles around earth; this fact is real, and proofs of fragile atmosphere are witnessed.

The fourth of monitochs’ functions is to build huge mushrooms of clouds; once monitochs are left from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) they can pull the water molecule in the atmosphere with them. And because of their speed clouds form mushrooms shapes in the sky. I think that these shapes of clouds in mushroom had been already seen in many countries.

The last of monitochs’ functions is to create connections between all existing particles; this function is the most important function in all monitochs’ functions because everything is linked together to form one whole system, and this system within Higgs boson magnetism field is equal to (6) universes, and without monitochs no one element could be put at work without it’s link to the elements next to it.

My imagination to monitochs’ functions is not stopping here, and this imagination itself is one of my risen challenges to the thinkers of the world. Again another title of monitochs will come soon.  
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